Spring and loving our organic vegetable garden

Posted on Thu September 3, 2015.

Dark Chocolate Guest House getting ready for Spring and growing organic vegetables

What a wonderful experience, the first time I walked through Dark Chocolate Guest House's organic vegetable garden. Beans, tomatoes, spinach a variety of lettuce etc.

If you have never tasted a tomatoe, freshly picked from an organic garden, you should go out immediately and find a garden where you can do just that, as only then will you know what a tomatoe should really taste like - SWEET and JUICY!

The guest house manager, Alma uses these fresh, ripe veggies in her mouthwatering meals for conference gowers or clients staying in and longing for a wholesome cooked meal.

Alma's husband, Danie is the man behind the veggie patch and I made sure to write down all his secrets to try and "copy" his garden. One of his suggestions was to work Epsom Salt into the ground. As it includes mainly Magnesium Sulfate, Epsom salt is extremely rich in these two minerals that are both crucial to healthy plant life.

It is SPRING again and I will definitely be walking through Danie's garden again soon, I need inspiration to start my garden:):)

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