WInter and Guest Houses

Posted on Fri April 10, 2015.

Are Guest Houses as popular in winter as they are in summer? What is it that you would like when the sun is not there to be your best friend.
If you are heading to Cape Town, this is what you can expect.

Being a Summer Child, it is with a feeling of deep sadness that I hear winter knocking at the door. The lovely Autum leaves whispers of a winter not far behind.
I can't help to think, would I want to leave my cozy and familiar house, and check into a Guest House in Winter?
And if I do, what would I expect from a Guest House?
A warm atmosphere with hosts that make you feel special and welcome.
A warm fire burning in the fire place to make you feel at home
A warm bed with hot water bottles (we hid the electric blankets in case Eskom does not play along)
A clean bathroom with hot water and soft white towels.
A warm breakfast freshly prepared.
And a place where I can "smell" and "feel" the city, but don;t hear it. A short drive to the buzz of the Mother City, the beautiful beaches, and the vibrancy of the V&A Waterfront. Not to forget the clean and upmarket Pubs and some of the best restaurants in the world. Cape Town has just been voted the 3rd best city for a holiday, and there are very good reasons for that.

Leaving my house this winter does not seem like such a bad idea