Conferencing & Catering @ Dark Chocolate Guest House

Posted on Mon May 8, 2017.

Conferencing & Catering @ Dark Chocolate Guest House

These days you don't have to leave your office to attend a conference. Livestreaming, realtime, skype conferencing is the norm. While we do agree, there is a place and time for this kind of meeting. We also believe the get together of people and ideas in one disignated area (conference room) is here to stay.


People need interaction, to catch up, get focussed, work on problem solving. 

In this day and age it is healthy to get away from that computerscreen and worn out seat and move to a different environment to get thos creative juices flowing. 


1. Secure Parking

Vehicle safety should be the last thing on a conference attendee's mind.

2. Good employee training

If a guest has questions or problems, they most often will talk to the first employee they can find. What happens now, leaves a very important impression! Can the employee help them? If not, do they know an alternative way of finding the necessary information or can they find the right person for the guest to talk to?

3. Accessibility, comfort and service for all

When you are planning an event, try not to just think of the bare minimum when it comes to your guests. Think much further and try to not only leave your guests satisfied but happy!

What can make the visiting experience of your target group better? For example a quiet room for people who need a break every now and then?

4. Ample refreshments and the option of a nutritional lunch.

At Dark Chocolate Guest House we offer a variety of conferencing options tailored around the client.