What does (good) customer service mean to you?

Posted by Lundi on Fri July 31, 2015.

Competitive prices and a clean, neat guest house is extremely important, but what puts the cherry on the cake is certainly the extra care, why else would you choose to stay in a guest house? If you agree or need to be persuaded, it is worth reading our thoughts on CUSTOMER SERVICE.

After a long flight or an endless meeting, Mr. A. arrives at Dark Chocolate Guest House. He nods when he enters the guest house and smiles firmly. To Mr. A. service means checking in, a warm shower, and newspaper waiting on his bed which is turned down already. A cold one should be ready when Mr. A. is more relaxed and ready for a chat. At breakfast the next morning his host should be waiting with a warm cup of coffee and a seat reserved for him with a view.

This scenario is completely different from Mr and Mrs B enjoying a visit to Cape Town and surround. They want to sit down with their hosts, engaging in a conversation and sipping red wine while a fire is burning high.

What are we trying to say? We believe the GOLDEN RULE is knowing that each and every person is different. We as the hosts should be able to READ our clients and thereby making sure they become repeat visitors and friends.